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This is a web site for those who celebrate their Swedish ancestry and Swedish heritage.

We are an online store that specializes in items related to Swedish genealogy. Our plans for the future include adding substantially to our product offerings. We will extend our product line into items that relate to Swedish cultural history and also into products relevant to Swedish-North American genealogy and the experiences of this community. We continue to review products available from both Sweden and North America and will offer the best of these products for sale on our site. Please bookmark our web address, sign up for our mailing list, and check our site often for new products!

Featured Items

Begravda i Sverige

This CD contains the records for over...

$USD 90.00 - CAD$ 91.00


Sveriges dödbok 1901-2009
Updated Version!The Sveriges dödbok 1901-2009 CD contains...

$USD 90.00 - CAD$ 91.00


Emigranten populär 2006
This CD is an updated and abridged...

$USD 57.00 - CAD$ 58.00


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