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Sveriges befolkning 1970

Looking for recent generations and/or living relatives in Sweden? This CD contains information on the approximately 8 million individuals residing in Sweden in November 1970. The data is based on countrywide tax indexes and includes the following information:
  • given name(s)
  • surname

  • street address
  • postal address
  • date of birth
  • parish of birth
  • parish of residence, and
  • land title (fastighetsnummer).

You can search on any one of or combinations of, the above parameters. Marital status and family relationships are not indicated. However, you can search on "same address" and get a list of all of the individuals living at that address. The CD is published by the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies (Sveriges Släktforskarförbund).

In Swedish. System requirements are Windows 98 or later, a minimum of 32 MB of RAM, and 16 bit color.

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